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These are the 6 questions used to gain feedback on our courses together with the average response for each question.

How relevant were the training objectives to you?
4.47 out of 5
How well were the objectives met?
4.34 out of 5
How easily will you be able to apply this training?
4.05 out of 5
How useful were the training excercises?
4.28 out of 5
How interesting was the course?
4.46 out of 5
Would you recommend the training to your colleagues?
4.45 out of 5

Feedback has profoundly affected the training process, especially the question ‘How easily will you be able to apply the training’. Emphasis on the online pre-work has been increased significantly so the theory and exercises are in place and completed before the workshops which have become even more role-play and discussion based. The workshops then focus on applying the skills almost exclusively making the skills transition into the field much easier. A follow up meeting three months after the workshop has also been introduced to discuss implementation and address any issues. These changes have resulted in the increasing score for question three bringing this result more in line with the other questions.

An unexpected bonus is that the role-plays are now reported as being ‘more fun’, the workshops more ‘relaxed’ and ‘productive’ (see the comments from delegates on the Twitter button below).

Thanks to everyone for their feedback it really has made a positive difference.


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